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What is a Moving Quote?

A Moving Quote is a system that allows you, the customer to fill as many details as you wish to give and sends the information to several moving companies that are relevant to your moving needs and locations.

How To send a Moving Quote?

Because moving even a small apartment can be a large task, many of the details are sometimes over looked. We encourage our customers to take the time to make an accurate inventory of their homes, or offices. The more accuare the moving invetory you make and the more accurate the information you give regarding your move and possible difficluties (access to truck, parking location, unusual items) the more accurate the estimate you receive in reurn will be.

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How do ensure I get my inventory right?

In order to ensure safe passage from origin to destination, we must allow "cushion space" for your belongings. This means that your move will take up more space than the actual dimensions of all the items in the inventory. Many people overlook this when stating how many small, medium and large boxes their move will contain.

Underestimating the "small stuff" (Your books, clothing, toys, tools, sporting goods and collectibles) can cause surprises for both you and us. Firstly, the price of the move will increase which is not a nice surprise. However, even more costly is the added time and lost space on a truck alotted to other customers scheduled on your route. When in doubt, adding a little more to the estimate is better in the long run.

Can I get an On-Site estimate?

It can be difficult to envision everything packed up, especially when your home is a large one. So, Many moving companies do provide onsite estimating. Ask for an On-Site estimate when filling the moving quote so we could direct your request to moving companies which supply this service.

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