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Corporate Moving

Relocating employees is simple when you choose Leeways Moving Services. A dedicated moving coordinator will be there for you and your employee every step of the way.

Ask us about volume discounts when relocating 2 or more employees.

Relocation Information

Usually, mid to large-sized companies have a relocation package. You should ask what they cover and don't cover. Most cover all moving expenses, including packing and insurance. Here are a few other costs to consider when reviewing the package:

  • Cost of a familiarization and house-hunting trip for the you and your family.
  • Extra time off (with pay) for traveling and house hunting in the new location.
  • Travel expenses (lodging, meals, gas, etc.) while traveling to the new location.
  • Assistance in the sale of your old home:
    Does the company...
    • Assumes responsibility for monthly payments, taxes and insurance until the old home is sold.
    • Pay the difference between the net selling price and a specified price.
    • Pay commissions and other costs of sale.
  • Storage of your belongs until closing on new home.

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