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Moving companies are using movers in order to perform their moving. Prior to any move the client who is about to be moved send a moving quote in order to receive a moving estimate. In order to receive a competitive moving estimate we will send your moving quote to several moving companies serving your area for both local moving and long distance moving.

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Top Moving companies will receive your moving quote and aware to the competition for your business, they will try to bit the other moving companies' estimates without seeing them and by doing so guaranteeing you will receive the lowest moving cost possible.

The moving quote will be based according to your choice by either:

  • A full detail inventory list - a more accurate moving estimate
  • A simple personal and moving location information - general estimate which will be followed by the moving company's representative filling all the rest of the information by phone.

We suggest you fill the complete moving quote in order to get a more accurate moving quote and get better information regarding your move from the moving companies serving your area and that will receive that moving quote.

Moving companies are usually basing there moving estimate on the following:

  • Distance between the pick up location and the delivery location
  • Weight / Size of your shipping – the estimate will be based on the information you supply by either the moving quote form or in your conversation with the moving company's representative.
  • Number of movers needed for the job – usually more important for local moving.

Keep in mind that the following will not be included in your moving estimate automatically:

  • Usually you will not have to pay for 1 flight, but there will be a change for any additional flights.
  • Shuttle – If the place of pickup of delivery cannot be accessed by the moving company's truck you will be changed for shuttles from the nearest location that the moving truck can park.
  • Long Carry – If the moving truck cannot park within a certain distance from your pick up or delivery location, you will be most likely charged for each extra 75 ft

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